Everything About Erectile Dysfunctions


Erectile dysfunction is called impotence, sometimes, and it refers to the man’s incapability to maintain a strong erection during a sexual act. Erectile dysfunction clinic

In fact, erectile dysfunction is an integrated part of impotence. Impotence refers to the lack of interest or of sexual desire and the incapability of maintaining an erection.

Erection appears when the male is being excited, when the penis blood flow increases. Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age but the elder are more predisposed than the young.


Causes can vary and can be linked to hormones, nerves, blood vessels or psychological problems. These problems are represented by:

– vascular problems. The blood vessels cannot support the penis with enough blood or cannot support the penis with blood for a long period of time;
– neurological problems. The brain cannot send the excitement signals to the penis and, so, it cannot enter the erectile state. In this category can be added the spinal injuries, or the Parkinson or Alzheimer diseases;
– problems of the penial structure or of the surrounding tissues can prevent erection;
– hormonal factors: a low level of testosterone can prevent erection;
– tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs can determine serious erectile problems;
– cycling can determine erectile problems;
– psychological causes: depressions, anxiety, stress, mourning, etc.;
– the side effects of some medicines.


There are several ways to treat this dysfunction. If the erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological problems it is recommended to consult your psychologist. The simplest way to treat erectile dysfunction is by swallowing some erectile supplements.

The most popular erectile supplements are Viagra and Cialis, but these are not natural pills and can determine some uncomfortable feelings: headaches, high blood pressure, etc.

Modern medicine is offering us today some natural erectile supplements that can have the same strong erection effect but without side effects: Vita Gra, Ultimate V or So hard. Even if they seam a little obscure, their effects are visible and tested for some time now.


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